Chilvers McCrea

Welcome to ChilversMcCrea

The ChilversMcCrea team is a progressive team, renowned for its ability to innovate and develop clinical services within the UK.

Whether you are interested in introducing a new service or product into the UK health system, or improving an existing service, ChilversMcCrea is able to help. From Primary Care to Hospital Care, the ChilversMcCrea team has the credentials and experience to ensure your development is successful.

In 2003, we introduced the UK’s first Corporate Provider of NHS General Practice growing to over 40 services across the nation, often in the most challenging of areas. More recently, we have been pivotal in developing the UK’s first Acute Medical Care in the Home model with award winning technology and European recognition. In or out of hospital, and moving between, we have the experience.

Our team of professionals, each at the top of their field, is ready to help you. We do not send you recent graduates, or clipboard carriers, just individuals with massive experience and expertise to help. Each ChilversMcCrea specialist has been chosen as an individual with ability to be hugely practical in supporting any organisation, from start-ups through to the well-established. We cover all aspects of the healthcare cycle from new entrant developments to existing service challenges, including regulatory issues. The key qualification for our team members is that we have all been round the block, are expert in. what we do and are great fun to work with. There is no other team like it in the healthcare consultancy world. We know what we are doing and we are seasoned players. So if you want to introduce something new, do something innovative or you have an organisation or service which needs support and nurturing, then we are the team to help. It only takes a quick email or phone call.